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Iskcon Temple

5 Kms(distance from our hotel)

Iskcon Temple was well known over the years that ISKCON has grown in the matter of spiritual popularly throughout the world and to-day it is widely recognized by theologians, scholars, students and laymen as a genuine and important organization for protecting and preserving the spiritual welfare of all..On the 10 th April 1984, a small temple was inaugurated by installing the most beautiful ‘Archa Vigraha' if Sri Sri Radha Govinda. In Order to effectively carry out the mission of broadcasting the science of Vedic Knowledge, a master plan is made in the year 1997 with an approximate cost of Rs. 15 Crores and completed by 2005. Temple is having beautiful idols and amazing colour paintings

Kanipakam Temple

70 Kms(distance from our hotel)

Kanipakam Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple or Sri Varasidhi Vinayaka Swamy Temple is a Hindu temple of Ganesha. It is located in Kanipakam in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, India. This historic temple is in Kanipaakam in Irala Mandal, Chittoor District. The Lord Ganesha’s idol size is increasing day by day. Because of this significance the devotees believes this god is truth. The swayambhu idol of Kanipakam known as the up-holder of truth. Disputes are solved between people is resolved by taking a 'special oath'. The people in the dispute take a holy dip in the temple tank and swear before the lord. It is taken as gospel truth.

Srikalahasti Temple 

37 Kms(distance from our hotel)

SrikalahastiSrikalahasti temple is a holy place near Tirupati in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.It is located on the banks of the river Swarnamukhi, a tributary of the river Pennar. Site where Kannappa, one of the 63 Saivite Nayanars, was ready to offer both his eyes to cover blood flowing from the Siva linga before the Lord Siva stopped him and granted mukti. This temple was constructed in the 12th century by the Chola king, Rajarajendra. Vayu incarnated as Lord Shiva and is worshipped as Kalahasteeswara. This temple`s main idol is the vayu (air) linga. The temple is also associated with Rahu and Kethu (of the nine grahams or celestial bodies in the Indian astrological scheme). The river Suvarnamukhi takes the northerly course at Sri Kalahasthi almost washing the west wall of the famous Sri Kalahasthi temple in the Chittor district of Andhra Pradesh. (more rahu ketu page)

S.V.Zoo park

8 Kms(distance from our hotel)

S.V.Zoo park The foundation for Sri Venkateswara zoological park was laid on 29th September 1987. Located at the foot of the Seshachalam hills the park extends over an area of more than 5500 acres (2200 hectares) . Few other parks can boast of such a scenic location and a diversity of endemic flora and fauna. Considering the background and the attitude of the people visiting this famous temple town, the zoological park has been developed on a spiritual theme .The message of conservation of nature with all its diversity is conveyed by highlighting the role of animal and plant life in Indian culture , mythology and literature. It also reminds the modern man of the importance given to wild life by our ancestors. The Sri Venkateswara Zoological park is located in the outskirts of the world famous temple town of Tirupati.

Chandragiri Fort 

14 Kms(distance from our hotel)

Chandragiri,is a suburb of Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is also the southern entrance to the Temple city for vehicles going from Bangalore, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The greatest of Hindu Emperors, Krishnadeva Raya of Vijayanagara Empire was brought up at Chandragiri Fort, before his coronation at Penukonda in Anantapur District. Chandragiri is famous for the historical fort, built in the 11th century, and the Raja Mahal (Palace) within it. Chandragiri was under the rule of Yadava Naidus for about three centuries and came into control of Vijayanagar rulers in 1367. The Raja Mahal Palace is now an archeological museum. The palace is three storeyed, is an example of Indo-Sarcen architecture of Vijayanagar period

Regional Science Centre 

7 Kms(distance from our hotel)

Regional Science Centre, Regional Science Centre The Regional Science Center at Tirupati is established by the Central Government for the benefit of School Children in particular, and public in general to create the awareness about the scientific procedures and importance of Science education to human life. This Science Center conducts different programs for teachers and students regularly so as to improve the quality of science education. This Regional Science Center also conducts science exhibitions at least once in a quarter, where in they propagate the recent innovations in science and technology and provide guidance to the teachers in exploring the locally available resources and improvisations so as to make their class rooms friendly and effective.